Decadent Dessert Idea: Chocolate Pots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes shaking up the routine is good. Replacing the typical square of chocolate for dessert with a few ripe figs or a bowl of really good ice cream. Or something just a bit richer. Meet the chocolate pot.

This recipe is simple in that the ingredients are few and they’re quite common: cream, milk, chocolate, egg, vanilla and a dash of allspice. The result? These are almost a cross between a decadent chocolate pudding, rich chocolate mousse and a pot de crème.

The inability to characterize this dessert perfectly could be attributed to the amount of chocolate called for (a lot) and the chill time required (at least 5 hours). While pumpkin desserts are everywhere these days, a really simple chocolate dessert can be a lifesaver for a tough week or a sudden craving. These are just the thing, we think.

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