How to Give Free Food Magazines

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Buddy up, food magazine readers. This is the most wonderful time of the year for food magazines deals. Many food magazines, including Gourmet and Cook’s Illustrated, are offering deals where if you subscribe or renew, you can give a subscription to a friend for free.

This is your chance to treat yourself and a friend too. Sure, the first subscription may cost a few dollars more than it might otherwise, but the over all cost is still less expensive than two whole subscriptions would be.

Before the food blogging, I didn’t find these 2 for 1 deals to be useful. I didn’t have someone to swap free subscriptions with. Now we’re all connected to a Kitchen full of food mag fans. If you have a friend through food blogging and you know each other well enough that you trust swapping physical addresses, go for it and you can enjoy two magazines for the price of one.

If you don’t currently subscribe to any of these magazines, your mailbox probably isn’t over-flowing with these offers. You can still take advantage of this price by e-mailing or calling the magazine and ask them if they have a holiday two for one deal.

A few deals to get you started:
Cook’s Illustrated: 800-526-8442
Gourmet: Here’s a link for 2 subscriptions for $24, though just now they are offering single subscriptions for $12.
Bon Appetit: Here’s a link for two issues for $20

One more magazine tip: When you contact the magazine to subscribe, ask them to start your subscriptions with the November issue instead of waiting for the January issue. The November and December issues of magazines like Real Simple and Everyday Food are the biggest, best issues of the year. The January issues are usually about diets. Bah-humbug.

If you subscribe today, you might not get that November issue until mid-December, but it is better than starting your subscription with magazines full of resolutions about lite tuna recipes.