Day 9: Stock Your Kitchen For One New Lunch

updated May 12, 2022
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Day 9: Thursday, March 13
Assignment: Pick 1 new lunch recipe and shop for ingredients
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It’s action time! Now that you’ve set yourself some brand new lunch goals and found some fresh meal ideas to shake up the lunchtime doldrums, it’s time to actually put your plan into motion. How do we do that? Grab your car keys, friends, because we’re going grocery shopping!

Sophie and Iain’s Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian Kitchen

(Image credit: Leela Cyd)

Today’s Assignment (Time Estimate: 30 Minutes)

  1. Pick 1 Recipe: Pull out that list of recipes you chose yesterday and pick one that you want for lunch tomorrow. Choose one that screams “Make me now!” in capital letters, but that also feels doable to shop and prep for within the next 24 hours. If all your new lunches are make-ahead and feel too labor-intensive to pull off on a weeknight, you can just chillax for now and pick up with us when we do our big lunch prep assignment over the weekend.
  2. Make a Shopping List: Read your recipe all the way through to make sure there are no surprises, and then make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need.
  3. Go Shopping: Find some time today to swing by the grocery store. Maybe over your lunch break or before picking up your kids from school — wherever you can spare a few minutes to run into the store and grab what you need for lunch tomorrow.
  4. Make a Plan for Tomorrow: Your assignment tomorrow is going to be making your homemade lunch and bringing it with you to wherever you’ll be around noon tomorrow, so take a few minutes now to think through what needs to be done to make that happen. Will you have time in the morning to make the sandwich you have planned? Would it be better to make it tonight so all you need to do is grab the container from the fridge in the morning? Is there anything else you can prep tonight to make things easier for you tomorrow? Would it help you to set a reminder on your phone or put your lunch bag near your car keys? If your food needs to stay cool, don’t forget to put an ice pack in the freezer! Do your friends always go out for lunch on Fridays? What about sending out an email seeing if they want to join you for a homemade lunch party tomorrow? Whatever needs to happen so that you feel confident about following through with lunch tomorrow, let’s do it!


Excited about your lunch tomorrow? Take a picture of your ingredients and tell us what you’re planning to make! Share over on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #cookingcure.

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