Day 9: Cook Yourself a Meal

updated Apr 27, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Day 9: Thursday, October 10
Assignment: Cook yourself a meal

The penultimate assignment in The Kitchn Cure is always to cook yourself a simple meal. This isn’t your big graduation brouhaha; this is a simple meal you are to cook yourself right away. As in tonight.

Your kitchen is clean, you have no nasty old food in your fridge or pantry, you have all the right tools and you even have some fresh flowers or a plant inspiring you to nourish yourself. What’s stopping you?

I get it. For some of you, tere is still one big thing that could be stopping you if you’re new to this whole cooking thing: the fact that you still might not have the skills you want. Tonight is about throwing all that fear to the side and letting loose.

If you are a seasoned cook, then all the better; your brand-new gorgeous kitchen is ready to go.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Today’s Assignment (estimated time 30 minutes – 1 hour)

1. Select a few recipes to make for dinner; ones you have in your mind, or found online, in books, magazines or family recipe cards). If you are a beginner and want something easy, we have a category for that. If you’re looking for something quick, we have hundreds of recipes for you. Or just browse the archives; we started publishing recipe over eight years ago and haven’t stopped since.

Still stumped? Tweet me at @sarakategr with your meal requirements (ingredients, time, skill) and I’ll tweet you back a menu.

2. Photograph the meal. Yes, be that guy who posts photos of their food, but try to make some nice pictures. Here are a few posts from us on photographing food; it’s not as easy as you might think. (Don’t forget to tag your work with #kitchncure)

3. Clean up. Don’t go back to your old ways. Aside from the perfume of your cooking, leave the kitchen as you found it.

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