Day 4: Stock Your Kitchen for One New Breakfast

updated May 12, 2022
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Day 4: Thursday, March 6
Assignment: Pick 1 new recipe and shop for ingredients
The Cooking Cure: See all assignments so far here.

So far, all our assignments have involved a lot of sitting at the kitchen table and thinking about breakfast in a cerebral, big-picture sense. This has been time well-spent since by now you should have a good idea of the things you’d like to change about your breakfast routine, how you want to change them, and even a few recipes to kick off the new habit.

But it’s time to push back from the table, folks. Today we’re going shopping.

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Today’s Assignment (Time Estimate: 30 Minutes)

  1. Pick 1 Recipe: Look over the five new recipes you picked yesterday and choose the one you want for breakfast tomorrow morning. Choose a recipe that appeals to you, but that also looks manageable for your schedule over the next 24 hours. If all of your recipes are big-batch make-ahead meals that just won’t fit into a weekday morning or night, that’s totally fine. You can take a breather today and pick up with us when we prep for next week’s breakfasts over the weekend. (Spoiler alert: we’ll be planning and prepping for next week’s breakfasts over the weekend.)
  2. Make a Shopping List: Read through the recipe and write down all the ingredients you need to pick up at the grocery store.
  3. Go Shopping: This is a weekday, and more likely than not, it’s a busy weekday. We know we’re asking a lot of you to swing by the grocery store, but for the sake of the Cooking Cure and your future breakfast happiness, we’re asking you to squeeze it into your day. Just think, though: your reward will be a fresh, new breakfast tomorrow morning!
  4. Make a Plan for Tomorrow: Back home and with your groceries put away, take minute or two to think through tomorrow’s breakfast plan. Part of tomorrow’s assignment is going to be to make and eat your breakfast — so what’s the best way to make this happen for you? Do you want to do some prep work tonight so that breakfast is an easy assembly tomorrow morning? Does it make more sense to make the entire dish tonight so you can just slide it onto plate for breakfast? Or is your recipe quick enough that making it in the morning will be a cinch? Whatever you decide here, that’s your action plan.


Share Your Progress: If you feel like it, share a quick snap of your grocery haul on Instagram or a Twitter missive about tomorrow’s breakfast plan. Use #cookingcure so we can all find each other. Have any questions? Need some encouragement? There’s a whole community of Cure Takers here to help!

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

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