Day 18: Make a “Stuff I Like to Eat” List

updated May 12, 2022
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Day 18: Wednesday, March 26
Today’s Assignment: Make a “Stuff I Like to Eat” List
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Midweek stretch! How’s it going? Thumbs up or down? Thumbs sideways? If you’ve found yourself struggling a little, today’s assignment might just be help you need. We’re making a “Stuff I Like to Eat” list — a list of favorite, never-fail foods you can tape to your fridge and have handy for those nights when the motivation to make dinner fails you.

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Today’s Assignment (Time Estimate: 10 to 15 Minutes)

  1. Make a “Stuff I Like to Eat” List: Grab a pen. Grab some paper. Grab any nearby family members or roommates that are involved in your meal planning — this is a family affair! Now, write down all the foods and recipes that you love no matter what, no matter when. These are the recipes that never fail to deliver and that sound appealing even in your worst meal funk. You’ve made these meals a million times and can probably make most of them in your sleep. These are meals like chicken stir-fry, pasta with marinara, blueberry muffins, roast beef sandwiches, and heck, even simple cheese and crackers — easy, never-fail meals. Write ’em down! There’s only one caveat here: these should be recipes or meals you actually make; no take-out or restaurant meals on this list.
  2. Hang the List on Your Fridge: Hang this list on your fridge or tape it to a cabinet. When your plans go awry or you’re feeling at a loss for dinner, this list is your best friend. Surely there will be something on this list that you will feel both appealing and doable in your current state. Use it and update it frequently!
  3. Share Something from Your List: If you love it, chances are someone else does too. We’d love to hear what’s on your list! Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter — or even better, snap a picture next time you make one of your favorite meals and share it on Instagram.

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