Day 11: Make a List of Everything You Ate for Dinner Last Week

updated May 12, 2022
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Day 10: Monday, March 17
Assignment: Make a list of what you ate for dinner last week
The Cooking Cure: See all the assignments so far here.

It’s a little hard to believe, but we are exactly halfway through The Cooking Cure! How have things been going so far? Are you keeping up with all the cooking, or do you find yourself struggling? Anything the community of Cure Takers might be able to help with?

This week — at long last! finally! — we arrive at dinner. You know the drill by now: your job today is just to think back through last week’s dinners and make a list of what you ate.

Today’s Assignment (Estimated Time: 10 Minutes)

  1. Get Out a Pen and Paper: Grab your trusty pen and a fresh sheet of paper. As with Breakfast Week and with Lunch Week, we want you to write today’s assignment down so that your notes and thoughts are handy for the rest of the assignments during the week.
  2. Make a List of Last Week’s Dinners: Now think back over all the dinners you ate last week. If you can, go even further back into the past few weeks to give yourself some more data points. Write down everything you can remember eating, from that spinach side dish with Monday’s baked fish to the burger you ate after work on Thursday.
  3. That’s It! Tomorrow, we’ll dig a little deeper into your dinner habits and what you’d like to change, but for now, you’re all done! Stash this list somewhere handy where you’ll be able to find it tomorrow.

Breakfast and Lunch Check-in

We doubled up on the number of homemade meals you’re making this week — how are you feeling? Were you able to get things prepped over the weekend? Feel all set with your quick-fix plans? Are you excited?! What new foods are you making this week?

Coming Up

Are you starting to get curious what we’re going to do with the last week of the Cure? Well, for one thing, the goal will be to cook all your meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — all week long. That’s 21 meals total! We know that on an ongoing basis, making all 21 meals week after week won’t be realistic for everyone, but we think committing to it for just one week is a worthy challenge to cap off our Cooking Cure.

Besides a lot of meal-planning support, we have a few other treats in store. Stick with us!

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