Day 1: Make a List of Everything You Ate for Breakfast Last Week

Day 1: Make a List of Everything You Ate for Breakfast Last Week

Emma Christensen
Mar 3, 2014
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Day 1: Monday, March 3
Assignment: Make a list of what you ate for breakfast last week
The Cooking Cure: See all assignments so far here.

Welcome, welcome! Today marks the start of The Kitchn's first ever Cooking Cure! Our goal over the next few weeks is to help you get fresh inspiration and build some new habits with the goal of three home-cooked meals a day. Yes, that's right: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (oh, and some healthy snacks) — all cooked at home, all made by you. If you started 2014 with lofty meal-planning goals or want to make a change to the way you eat, join us and the over 7,000 Kitchn readers who have already signed up for our Cooking Cure.

This week, we're focusing on breakfast: what breakfast means to you, what you'd like to change, what you need to make those changes. Let's kick things off with a super-easy assignment — all we're asking you to do is make a list.

Today's Assignment (Estimated Time: 10 Minutes)

  1. Get Out a Pen and Paper: Yes, get out a real pen and a real piece of paper. This sounds silly, but it's important! We want you to a) make a real, physical list — not just think about it in your head — and b) have something that you can pin to your fridge or tape to a kitchen cabinet where you can see it.
  2. Make a List of Last Week's Breakfasts: Take a second to think back over what you ate for breakfast in the last week or so, and then jot each meal down on your paper. If you can, try to remember even further back to other breakfasts you ate in the last month. The more daily breakfasts you can remember, the better. Don't forget to include things like the banana you ate alongside your bagel and cream cheese and be honest with yourself about the days you grabbed a pastry from Starbucks before work. Also, make note of any days when you forgot about eating breakfast entirely.
  3. That's It! And that's all for today. Just make a list. Don't worry about analyzing anything or making any changes to your breakfast tomorrow — just record what you ate. If something does occur to you, jot it down on the back of the page so you don't forget, but leave any real analysis for tomorrow's assignment. Now stash this list somewhere handy; we'll be coming back to it tomorrow.

Extra Credit!

  • We're going to be repeating this assignment for Lunch (Week 2) and Dinner (Week 3). If you want to get ahead of the game, start keeping a diary now of your lunches and dinners over the next few weeks. Again, don't worry about changing your habits now; just observe and record!

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