My Mom (and the Internet) Was Right: Dawn Powerwash Is the Best Way to Spend Less Time Doing Dishes

updated May 27, 2021
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Dawn Powerwash spray

Like all great stories, this one begins with a very obsessed mother. See, my mom started raving about Dawn Powerwash to me over the phone months ago. “You just spray your dishes and then wipe/rinse,” she told me while we were commiserating over the sheer number of dishes we’ve been having to wash over this past year. I didn’t pay much attention to her reviews the first or second time she shared them, but by the third time, I was starting to become interested. (Sorry, Mom, I should have listened to you the first time!) That’s when I also started to realize that the People of the Internet were equally as obsessed as she was. I had to get a bottle.

Let me just say: It’s hard to get excited about a dish soap, and yet, here we are. Maybe because Dawn Powerwash isn’t really a dish soap? Yes, it cleans dishes, but no, you don’t lather it up with a sponge or scrub it around. According to the packaging, the stuff cuts through grease five times faster than other dish soaps. You simply spray the foam onto a dish (or a sink full of dishes!) and, then depending on how bad the mess is, you either rinse right away with water or you let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe and rinse.

I’ve been using Dawn Powerwash for about a year and I really have spent less time doing dishes! I’ve used it on greasy pans, casserole dishes with burnt-on food, and even just lightly soiled dinner plates. I basically haven’t scrubbed anything since this bottle came into my life. I’ve even used the foam to clean my sink and have been thinking about trying it out on the bathtub! I took some photos so you guys could see it in action. (Sorry, they’re a little dark! It was nighttime.) Ready?

I had roasted a ton of vegetables to go with dinner and to have on hand for the rest of the week. I love this baking sheet, but it doesn’t always come clean in the dishwasher and I find that I have to give extra attention to the creases in the quilting when I hand-wash it. So I sprayed it.

I let the stuff sit (just for a few minutes while I played a couple rounds of fetch with my pup).

Then I used a sponge to give the pan a quick swipe, and then I rinsed. (I also used the sponge to clean the bottom and sides of the pan; don’t forget to clean the bottoms of your pans, people!) Look how clean it is! It usually would have taken me some real effort to get this pan looking even half as good. And instead, I got to put that effort into playing with my dog!

There are two other things I really like about Dawn Powerwash. First, it smells like “clean.” While the smell lingers in the kitchen air, it doesn’t stay on dishes, which I also like. And lastly, it’s a refill system. So when your bottle is empty, instead of tossing the whole thing, you can take the trigger/spray nozzle and screw it onto a refill bottle. Any time I can reuse a bit of plastic, I’m happy.

And any time my mom gets to say she was right about something, she’s happy.

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