Dawn Has a New EZ Squeeze Bottle Design, So Dish Time Just Got Much Easier

published Jan 13, 2022
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Dawn EZ-Squeeze
Credit: Dawn

Whether you take care of them right away or wait for them to pile up, washing dishes can be time-consuming and honestly, even gross. Lucky for us all though, the folks behind one of the most popular dish soaps have found a surprisingly smart way to take the edge off. Meet Dawn EZ Squeeze — Procter & Gamble’s newly-designed dish soap bottle. 

You probably know we’re big fans of Dawn’s other products and over the years have found tons of new (off-label) ways to use the classic blue dish soap — from scrubbing oily stains out of clothes to cleaning the oven. Dawn Powerwash, released in 2019, changed the game by cutting through grease way faster with just a couple of surprisingly satisfying foamy sprays. 

EZ-Squeeze, however, is all about easier dispensing. After five years of consumer testing, Dawn redesigned its bottle to make it even easier to use. Now, you can dispense dish soap with one hand and without flipping the bottle over. Just pick it up, squeeze where you want it, and tackle that pile of dishes. 

One of the best parts? The EZ-Squeeze bottle was designed to stand on its cap and dispense from the bottom with a self-sealing valve, so it won’t leak all over your counter (or waste precious drops of dish soap). Dawn also upgraded its grease-fighting formula — which may mean less time at the sink scrubbing baked-on gunk. 

If you’re excited as we are to try it out, we’ve got good news! Dawn EZ-Squeeze is already available at stores for as low as $2.84. And if you happen to pick up a bottle on your next store run, be sure to let us know how you like it!