I Tried This Pro Cleaner’s TikTok Method to Clean My Gas Stovetop — And It’s Absolutely Brilliant

published Jan 21, 2022
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Texas-based pro cleaner Vanesa Amaro has become one of my all-time favorite follows on TikTok for her brilliant cleaning tutorials. Thanks to her helpful videos, I’ve learned how to properly clean my bathtub and toilet and the inside of my fridge. Leave it to Amaro to also teach me how to clean one of the most frustrating areas of my kitchen: my gas stovetop.

In one of her latest videos, Amaro recommends Dawn Degreaser for cleaning the stovetop. Of course, I knew about the cleaning power of Dawn dish soap. But I didn’t know the same brand made a degreaser! I did a little bit of research and ordered a bottle as fast as I could. Once it arrived on my doorstep, I followed Amaro’s steps to see if Dawn’s degreaser would really be able to restore my stovetop to its former glory.

Credit: Ashley Abramson
The secret to cleaning your stovetop? Dawn Degreaser.

First, I sprayed the degreaser all over the grates while they were still on top of the stove, just as Amaro did in her TikTok. The first thing I noticed? The degreaser smelled good, with a subtle, flowery scent. It’s definitely not as chemical-smelling as I would have expected, given that it’s a heavy-duty, commercial-grade product. 

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Don't judge: A close-up of my dirty stovetop.

Next, I filled my sink with boiling water and added two Cascade Complete dishwashing pods and a squirt of Dawn dish soap. With the sink full of soapy water, I put in my greasy stove grates and the burner caps, and let them soak. While the soap worked its magic, I continued to follow Amaro’s advice for cleaning the rest of the stovetop. 

Cleaning the stovetop was a cinch, especially thanks to the lingering degreaser that I had sprayed around the grates. I grabbed paper towels — although a microfiber cloth would have worked well, too — and wiped away the excess grease and food. My hardworking stove had some stubborn sticky gunk near one of the burners, so I worked that away with a cleaning brush. Once the stovetop looked clean, I had 10 minutes of soaking left on the grate timer, so I turned on Taylor Swift (you know, for motivation!) and decided to use the time to unload my dishwasher.

Then, after 20 minutes, it was time to scrub the grates and caps. Just as Amaro shows, I used a scrubbing brush. It didn’t take too long to see that the grates were totally restored. (I didn’t even need to take the extra step of using Bar Keepers Friend.) Twenty minutes seems like the perfect amount of time, unless your grates are super dirty. It helped that there was a LOT of soap in the water. Next time, I might even skip the extra squirt of Dawn soap or try using just one dishwashing pod (because they aren’t exactly cheap). In the future, I’ll just adjust the level of soapiness depending on how much grease has accumulated on my grates and burners.

Credit: Ashley Abramson
Look at that! So shiny and pretty once again.

After scrubbing everything down, I rinsed the grates and caps with cool, clean water, and dried them with a clean dish towel. Then, I followed the most interesting step of all. At the end of her TikTok video, Amaro suggests “seasoning” the dry grates with olive oil, something I’d never done before. It makes sense, though, since they’re made of iron just like a cast iron pan! I dabbed a little olive oil on a paper towel and wiped it over the grates.

By the end of the process, my stovetop was looking as good as new (as you can see for yourself!). Plus, I think I’ve found my new favorite kitchen cleaning product: Dawn Degreaser. Next time, though, I might use my bathtub because my kitchen sink was a bit of a tight squeeze for all of the grates. Other than that, I’m thrilled with the results — which isn’t surprising because Amaro is a total cleaning expert!

How do you clean your gas stove? Tell us in the comments below.