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The Makers of Our Favorite Sandwich Bread Just Came Out with a Fun New Loaf

published Jun 9, 2021
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Every year, around this time, the entire Kitchn team gathers to talk about our favorite groceries as we gear up for the launch of the next Grocery Edition of Kitchn Essentials. And believe it or not, the discussion gets pretty heated … because, well, leave it to Kitchn editors to have exceptionally strong opinions about what we put in our shopping carts. (Just you wait for the 2021 edition, people!)

That said, there’s nothing quite like the magic moment when everyone agrees that a certain item is undeniably the best. One such mind meld? We’re all in unanimous agreement that Dave’s Killer Bread makes far superior sandwich bread. Over the years, we’ve extolled the virtues of Dave’s Killer Bread 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Organic Sliced Bread (in all its seedy wonder) and Dave’s Killer Bread White Bread Done Right (the no-frills white bread of our dreams).

“It’s the only brand of sliced bread I buy at the grocery store. It has a super-hearty (but still soft-on-the-inside!) texture that I absolutely love, and reminds me of a loaf I’d pick up at a bakery or the farmers market,” says Food Editor Kelli Foster (who speaks for all of us here).

As of last month, though, the brand introduced a new option to the lineup. After giving it a taste firsthand, we’ve decided it joins the ranks of our other two favorites: Dave’s Killer Bread Righteous Rye.

Credit: Lauren Masur

From the outside, this looks like a classic loaf of Dave’s, enrobed in a crust that’s scattered with flax seeds, poppy seeds, quinoa, with the addition of caraway for that classic rye touch. On the inside, the dough is marbled with a beautiful yet subtle swirl. The bread itself is both sweet and savory and is extremely sturdy once toasted (a signature quality that rings true of all Dave’s Killer Breads). Would you just look at it?

Credit: Lauren Masur

In addition to being an excellent vehicle for straight-up butter or cream cheese, and scrambled eggs’ perfect sidekick, DKB’s Righteous Rye would be an excellent foundation for an otherworldly Rueben, BLT, grilled cheese, tuna melt, or turkey club sandwich. (We could go on!)

It’ll soak up any condiment or topping with ease, and thanks to all the fibrous ingredients, the chances of this bread getting soggy before you finish your sandwich are slim to none. On top of all that, each serving has 10 grams of whole grains and 5 grams of protein (which is pretty good for bread). Find it in stores near you, here.

Credit: Lauren Masur

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