This New Dating App Pairs You by the Contents of Your Fridge

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Do you need a boyfriend that shares your love of almond milk in your coffee? A girlfriend who understands your need to always have an ample stash of ice cream on hand? India Express reports that a new app popular in Sweden totally gets that — it’s called Refridgerdating.

Like a modern update of the MTV show Room Raiders, instead of judging potential dates on their photos of themselves, the app lets you pick a potential match via the contents of their fridge. But there’s no scary black lights in here — just a few people looking for love in a tasty place.

Samsung launched the special app just before Valentine’s Day to let people find other single folks with similarly filled fridges. The app works with the company’s Family Hub smart-fridge and takes photos of your shelves. Refridgerdaters then swipe through other people’s fridges to see if there’s anything that strikes their fancy.

In other words, it’s Tinder, but instead of dudes posing on hikes to show how adventurous they are or with their nieces to show how tender they are, you can swipe left on a four-day-old sandwich, right on what seems to be a balanced diet.

The idea came out of Samsung’s Nordic offices, so the bulk of the users are currently in Sweden, but the company may expand if things are successful. Also, given that this is part of a “Family Hub” concept, it’s maybe not best targeted for singles. But now that the idea is there, there’s tons of opportunity — maybe you have an impressive fridge and should just upload that photo to Tinder now?

On the other hand, I’ve been with my husband for 13 years, but when I met him, he claimed he didn’t like noodles. Thankfully, he’s rethought that, since my only love languages are pasta and dumplings.