Dashboard Dining: Do You Drive & Dine?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ah, yes. The fine art of dashboard dining. You’re on a road trip and your options for lunch (and dinner) consist of fast-food and the Starbucks drive-through. So you plan ahead. You pack not just a picnic but items that can help transform road-side snacks into a true meal. If this sounds familiar, you may be a dashboard diner.

The Washington Post just ran a story, “The Art of Dashboard Dining,” that details the idea of planning ahead, packing leftovers and condiments, and getting creative on the road. This creativity spans from making sun-brewed tea on the dashboard to actually assembling a pie in the glovebox (using the heat of the glovebox to allow fruit and berries to sink into a pre-prepared crust).

Dashboard dining can be as subtle as packing fruit, condiments, and plastic utensils for more traditional car picnics or stopping at farm stands to stock up on local produce. But it can also get pretty involved with efforts to pre-cook shrimp before leaving the house and divvy up proper portions of last night’s leftovers for everyone the next day.

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We want to know what you think: Is dashboard dining a thrifty and smart way to travel or more work than its worth? Does it ultimately kill the fun of discovering new foods along the way or is it a savvy way to save time and money while on the road?

(Image: Flickr user roens via Flickr and Emily Ho)