This Do-It-All, 20-Piece Measuring Set Makes Meal Prep a Breeze and Barely Takes Up Space

published May 12, 2023
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Sprinkling the proofing "basket" with flour
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Brett Regot

As difficult as it might be to store large kitchen tools such as hefty pots and pans or chunky cutting boards, smaller items are deceptively tricky in their own right. In my kitchen, you’ll find a couple of drawers that were probably once organized but have now devolved into messy receptacles for all kinds of random (but necessary) little gadgets: strainers, measuring spoons, oven mitts, juicer attachments, and who knows what else. In order to find what you’re looking for, you have to rummage through all of the incompatibly shaped items, leaving behind an even bigger disaster than you started out with. If you can relate, I’m sure some of the greatest offenders inside your own junk drawers are the measuring spoons. It’s tough to cook without them, but they scatter so easily and quickly create chaos in kitchen drawers.

In such a situation, it might seriously be worth starting from scratch and investing in a new set that’s easier to organize and keep track of. Namely, this 20-piece measuring set from Amazon, which is made by editor-favorite brand Dash and has everything you could possibly need to streamline meal prep.

I’m sure when first hear the number 20, you think that’s too much of anything as far as kitchen tools go. But we guarantee you’ll get tons of use out of every single piece in this bundle, from the measuring tools to the citrus reamers to the sifter. In addition to those items, you also get a citrus zester, pulp separator, egg separator, leveler, funnel, and a liquid measuring cup with a storage lid to hold it all. That’s right — not only can you stack the six measuring spoons and four measuring cups inside one another, but you can store absolutely everything in the set inside the large liquid measuring cup. Regardless of whether you’re baking a homemade dessert or dividing your cooked eats into equal portions for the week, this set has your needs covered and won’t be a pain to put away when you’re finished.


If you take a peek at the measuring set’s Amazon reviews, you’ll see shoppers agreeing that this product is just as genius as everything else Dash has to offer. “Aside from the fact that it matches all of my Dash stuff and I think it’s CUTE, it is also actually very functional!” one customer wrote. “I love having all of my measuring cups, measuring spoons, and such in one place. When I’m ready to bake or prepare something, it’s all right there, no digging through various drawers or cabinets to grab all the pieces I need.” If you, too, want junk-free drawers and hassle-free home cooking, why wait? There’s nothing left to decide!