The Cold Brew Maker I Use Every Single Morning Is on Major Sale Right Now (It’s Ready to Drink in 8 Minutes!)

updated May 30, 2024
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Iced Coffee
Credit: Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

If you know me, you know that I’m a huge year-round hot coffee fan — I drink it black, often, and from my trusty drip machine. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love an ice-cold cup of cold brew when the weather gets hot. (And in New York, that’s right about now.) The only problem is that while I have plenty of cold brew makers, if I forget to load up the brewer the night before, I’m out of luck in the morning, since most cold brewers take at least an overnight steep to make a proper cup. That’s why I was so excited to find out that Dash, one of our editors’ favorite affordable cookware and small appliance brands, makes a Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker that cranks out a pot’s worth of cold brew in under 10 minutes. Even better news? It’s massively marked down at QVC right now. 

What Is the Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker? 

The Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker is unlike anything I’ve used before. To make the coffee, you fill the top compartment — which has a built-in reusable filter — with coffee grounds, then attach it to the base. Then, you take the 40-ounce glass carafe, fill it with water, and pop it into the machine until you hear a click. (Make sure you hear the click, though!) Once you’re all set up, you just press start and then select from the three brewing options: Mild, Regular, and Bold. The vacuum technology that the machine uses then sucks the coffee up into the top compartment through a tube, and once it’s done brewing (in under 10 minutes!) it flows back into the carafe as delicious cold brew. The machine comes with its own scrubbing brush, and the top compartment breaks down, making cleaning a breeze.  

Why I Love the Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

While everyone should support their local coffee shop, buying a large cold brew every day can actually add up (I know it’s become a meme, but still). Plus, if the shop is crowded, and you’re late for work or getting hosed on your commute by traffic or late trains, spending more time waiting for a beverage can be annoying. That’s why I was psyched to try out this brewer — and while I was a little skeptical at first, I can say that the Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker delivers. It’s superfast, coming in at under 10 minutes for the mild brew and just under 20 minutes for the bold brew. Mild seems to be perfect for drinking straight (depending on the kind of coffee you’re using), and bold is great for diluting with ice and a little water or milk. My favorite part is that since it brews 40 ounces at a time (that’s the equivalent of 2.5 pints), you can just pop the carafe in the fridge for storage, and your coffee will last for up to 10 days. (Though, drinking it in the first few days is probably your best bet for optimal flavor and freshness.) Plus, while I haven’t tried it yet, you can use the machine for brewing batches of loose-leaf tea, too! 

And with a four-star average rating, I’m not the only one who’s a fan of this speedy cold brewer. “Great iced coffee maker,” one reviewer wrote. “Easy to use and easy to clean. Makes a nice pot of iced coffee. I love that the carafe is made of glass. While the machine is mostly black, the front of it is a true gray color. It actually is nicer looking than all black to me because it softens the look of it.” So if you’re also guilty of forgetting to set up your cold brew maker the night before, do yourself a favor and snag this Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker while it’s still on sale. It’ll streamline your morning routine and might even save you some serious cash in the long run. 

Buy: Dash Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $69.99 (normally $98)