Our Favorite Small Appliance Brand Launched *the* Cutest $10 Waffle Maker Just in Time for Easter

updated Feb 25, 2021
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Dash Bunny Waffle Maker
Credit: Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

There’s really no debate, anytime something gets shrunk down to “mini” proportions, it instantly gets 100 times cuter. Need proof? Do a quick search for a mini whisk or petite spatula. See what I mean? If you really want to know what cuteness looks like, though, you probably won’t find anything as adorable as this mini bunny waffle maker! Made by Dash, the waffle maker launched just in time for Easter, and is priced at just $9.99 and available at Bed Bath & Beyond right now!

It’s no surprise that Dash is behind this precious new design, after all, the brand makes some of our favorite small appliances in a range of fun, happy colors. Their TikTok-famous mini waffle maker requires no assembly and is incredibly easy for anyone to use, even kids. Simply plug it in, wait for the indicator light to turn off, and get waffling. When you’re finished, the compact design can be conveniently stored in a drawer or in a cabinet.

The top plate of the iron is a standard waffle pattern, and the bottom features a small well in the shape of a bunny. You can either use enough batter to make a single tiny bunny waffle, or, fill the whole mold with to make a sweet 4-inch waffle with a bunny center. Since they’re bite-sized small, they cook up super fast, and you can even decorate them like cookies. Just imagine how cute a plate of bunnies would look on a Spring brunch table!

If you don’t already have a go-to waffle batter recipe or favorite boxed mix, the Dash comes with a recipe guide to provide a little inspiration. Whether you want to make banana waffles, savory waffles, crunchy potato waffles, single-serve cookies, or cheesy toast, it’s kind of hard to mess up a tiny waffle. Another idea? Make a double batch and freeze them for later —  they make an easy, quick breakfast when toasted or as a grab-and-go snack.

If, for some reason, bunnies aren’t your thing, both Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond carry over a dozen mini waffle maker shapes and designs from Dash, like this pineapple, heart, skull, pumpkin, or snowflake. You can also pick up this pretty flower mini waffle maker at Target. Dash’s regular round mini waffle makers come in a bunch of different designs, like this galaxy-themed motif that I gave my 14-year old niece for Christmas. As you can imagine, she loves it!

So if you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face at breakfast, or want to send a thinking-of-you gift to a friend or relative without breaking the bank, hop on over to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up your own mini bunny waffle maker!