24 Cheery Recipes Using Cherries

updated Sep 20, 2023
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a shortbread cake topped with whipped cream and syrupy cherries with a slice taken out
Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Food Styling: Nicole Rufus

When cherries are in season you may want to pick up bags of dark, sweet berries at the market and eat them all fresh. But make sure you save a pint or two to bake with. What’s your favorite cherry recipe? Here are 24 recipes, from pie bars, to a frangipane galette, chocolate-covered cherries, cherry sangria, cherry dump cake, and more … And if cherries aren’t in season where you are, we fully endorse using frozen.

Cherry Recipes

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Double-Crust Cherry Pie Bars
The classic pie in bar form — perfect for picnics or potlucks.
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Sour Cherry-Almond Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks

Save the rest of the cherry liquid; it's good drizzled over plain vanilla ice cream or even over yogurt.

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Cherry Crisp
Jammy sweet cherries bubble and bake under a blanket of lemon and brown sugar crispy oat topping.
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Cherry Shortcake
This giant cherry shortcake is a fun take on the classic strawberry shortcake and couldn’t be easier to assemble.
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Cherries Jubilee
Cherries Jubilee is an easy yet ultra-impressive dessert that comes together in just 20 minutes on the stovetop.
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Cherry Frangipane Galette
Elisabeth Prueitt of Tartine says this gluten-free cherry galette is her ode to California. The dough is inspired by a classic Rugelach, but with California cherries and frangipane.
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Cherry Cobbler
The secret to the best summer cherry cobbler? Pre-cooking the cherries before topping and baking them with fluffy, buttery biscuits.
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Tart Cherry Crumble

This crumble has a crisp brown butter topping, like the best cookie you ever ate, spread over a field of tart cherries swimming in their sweet, jammy syrup.

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Chocolate-Covered Cherries
In this classic candy-store confection, maraschino cherries are wrapped in a layer of fondant, then dipped in melty chocolate.
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Cherry Dump Cake
This effortless dump cake only requires 10 minutes of prep.
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Sweet & Sour Cherry Sparkler

Grab your cherry pitter and jam jars, and toast the weekend with an ice cold Cherry Sour.

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Cherry-Almond Poke Cake

This cake has a completely delicious almond-flecked crumb, dripping in luscious cream and cherry syrup, but the tangy, sour cream frosting really takes it over the top, renewing its reputation to all its original glory.

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Sparkling Cherry Rosé Sangria

Loaded with fresh cherries straight from the farmers market, spiked with cherry liqueur, and finished with cherry bitters this sangria is as pretty on the palate as it is in the pitcher.

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Cherry Cream Cheese Spread

You'll want to slather this cherry cream cheese spread, pink and whipped, on top of mini bagels and top with dates, walnuts and chopped cherries.

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Coconut Milk Rice Pudding with Tart Cherry Sauce
This rice pudding made with coconut milk and almond milk is every bit as luscious as the whole milk and heavy cream versions.
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Roasted Cherry Dutch Baby with Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Sauce

A thin, unassuming batter of eggs, flour, and sugar is poured into a hot pan, and through the miracle of steam, the pancake emerges from the oven puffed and golden with crispy sky-high ridges around the edge. Serve the caramelized cherry sauce on the side for dipping and drizzle more over the top.

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Almond Buttermilk Cake With Cherries

This simple, almost pound cake dessert freezes beautifully. Perfect for tucking in a lunchbox or pulling out of the freezer on a rainy day, slices of this cake thawed will rival their just baked counterparts. And it works perfectly with cherries.

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Cherry Pie Bars
Sweet cherries are unmistakably the star of this easy summer dessert, although I have no doubt you'll love the almond-scented, buttery crust just as much.
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Sour Cherry Chocolate Chunk Muffins
These hearty muffins have a swirl of tart and tangy sour cherries and chopped dark chocolate for a summertime breakfast treat.
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Crispy Chicken Thighs with Fresh Cherry Salsa
An easy summer recipe for skillet-cooked chicken thighs topped with sweet and spicy fresh cherry salsa.
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Ricotta Mousse With Balsamic-Black Pepper Cherries

Goat ricotta, balsamic vinegar, black pepper … not your typical dessert ingredients but oh, what an alluring combination! This is what you make when you have a handful of ripe summer cherries and a craving for something special yet not too sweet.

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Ricotta Blintzes with Fresh Cherry Sauce

A paper thin blanket of flour and eggs is wrapped around a silky vanilla-ricotta filling, which are then baked, and finally dusted with powdered sugar and a drizzle of fresh cherry syrup.

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Quick Cherry Jam
In case you needed an excuse to bring home a big bundle of cherries from the farmers market, this simple summery jam is it.
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Cranberry–Cherry Chutney
A not-so-average Thanksgiving cranberry sauce with just the right amount of sweet ness and tartness.
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