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This Gorgeous, Splurgy Pot Is My Secret Weapon for Making Perfect Rice

published Jun 21, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Nothing has ever baffled me in the kitchen quite like rice. I’ve struggled with making the perfect batch. It would either come out too gummy, too undercooked, too overcooked, or too burnt at the bottom of the pot. (Or, if I really messed up, sometimes all of the above.) And I know I’m not the only one riding this struggle bus: Over the years, Kitchn has gotten countless emails from readers asking for help; and just the other weekend, a friend was visiting and, while marveling at my weekly meal plan, told me that she’s given up on making rice entirely. I told her she didn’t need to do that! She just needed two things: this instructional Kitchn post and this 4-quart Dansk Købenstyle Casserole pot.

I got this pot almost a decade ago, picking it out on a whim because I liked the design and had heard good things about the Dansk line (which is now owned by our friends at Food52!). It was a bit of a splurge, but I got it because I figured I use it. Fast forward many years: I do use it. At least a few times a week, but I only use it for one thing — to make rice.

Turns out, it’s perfect for cooking rice. It’s made of triple-enameled carbon steel, so it heats up incredibly evenly and I’ve never burnt the bottom layer of rice in this pot. It also has a tight-fitting lid, which comes in handy whether I’m cooking rice with the lid on or I just want to put it on later to steam the almost-finished grains. It’s also just the right size for one cup of dried rice and still gives me plenty of room for the cooking process and the fluffing part. (You’ve gotta fluff your rice!) And it’s so pretty, I don’t mind bringing it right to the table — the lid even doubles as a trivet!

I make so much (foolproof) rice in this pot, it’s become the de facto rice pot. Meaning, I would never dream of using this pot to make anything else. I did make hard-boiled eggs in it once, so I can tell you that it does, indeed, cook other types of food beyond rice. But it’s so good at making rice, why would you even use it for something else!?

Do you have a pot that you only use for one thing? Tell us in the comments below!