Editor’s Choice: Dana’s Favorite Posts of 2008 Best of 2008

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Dana Velden lives in San Francisco. She is the author of those lovely and inspiring
Weekend Meditations, plus lots of other good tips and recipes.

Here are some of her favorite posts from the past year!

All great tasks are impossible and this is no exception.
Here’s a handful of some of my favorite memorable Kitchn posts from 2008.

• Sara Kate’s On Charcuterie for Dinner because she wrote so beautifully on what I consider essential: love and family, celebration and appreciation, not to mention wild boar sausage on the beach at sunset.

• Emily’s Tempeh post because tempeh is a deeply underrated and unappreciated food, and she really made it sound delicious. Which it is. Hurray, Emily!

• Elizabeth’s jam, pork and cheese template. What a great formula–so easy and guaranteed to be yummy.

• Emma’s quince post because a) I love really quince and b) one of the quince in the photo has a secret smiley face.

• Kathryn on Vin de Noix because Vin de Noix is wonderful. Also, I love it when people are encouraged to make their own cordials and flavored concoctions, so I’m also including Faith’s Quince Ratafia and Elizabeth’s Rhubarb Basil Cocktail.

• For veg specific posts, I have to recommend Sara Kate’s Cooking with Frozen Peas and Nina’s In Praise of Fat Asparagus.

• I loved Emma’s How to Save a Broken Buttercream because I learned something new about something I thought I knew everything about. Thanks Emma!

• In general, I always find our editor Faith’s posts to be inspiring. I usually want to run right into the kitchen after reading one of her recipes, and I appreciate her honesty about her failed experiments and her enthusiasms over favorite cooking implements. In particular, I really like this meditation on how to appreciate the beauty of beloved kitchen treasures.