Dan Levy May Not Be a Good Cook, but He Knows How to Make One Thing Very Well

published Jun 2, 2022
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Dan Levy Interview
Credit: Frito-Lay

Anyone who’s a fan of comedy knows the name Dan Levy. To be honest, even if you’ve never tuned into one single episode of the award-winning Schitt’s Creek across its six-season run, you’re probably still familiar with the multi-talented actor through memes, social media, or his string of Tostitos commercials. And soon, you’ll be able to add his new show — The Big Brunch — to your list of places you know him from, too.

With all of the things that Dan has on his list of things to do, it could be easy to see how he may feel like he’s missing out on those special moments happening in the lives of everyone around him. (I mean, with a schedule like his, who wouldn’t feel like that?) That’s why his most recent collaborative campaign with Tostitos, titled “Don’t Miss the Good Stuff,” fits so perfectly.

The commercial, which sees the actor miss out on special special moments — like a proposal, baby’s first steps, and more — right when he walks away from his bowl of Tostitos proves that food (or, in this case, snacks) is the thing that brings us all together. And personally, I could not agree more.

In support of the new commercial, the writer-director-producer so graciously offered Kitchn a bit of his time to talk about the ad, the brunch items he’s great at making, his go-to playlist for parties, and more.

Check out the full interview below!

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