This One Product Makes My Costco Membership Worth It

updated May 1, 2019
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My Costco membership can be a dangerous thing. I know it’s supposed to save me money, but somehow it doesn’t seem to reduce my monthly grocery spending. (I’ve yet to figure out the sorcery behind that math.)

Still, even though it doesn’t keep Benjamins in my bank, I could never give it up — and that’s mostly due to one product.

The Product That Makes My Costco Membership Worth It
Daily Greens Cold-Pressed Juice, 9 bottles for $19

I have a love bordering on irrational for Daily Greens pressed juices. These little green darlings, each packed with several pounds of organic produce, come in a case of nine for $18.99 (that’s roughly $2 per bottle, which is much more reasonable than other options on the market). They are the reason for most of my Costco runs.

I have definitely made a trip just to get my green fix, waiting in line behind two bodybuilders buying approximately four cartons of eggs and half a metric ton of chicken. And I would do it again. They’re not available in any other stores where I live, and the only online retailer I’ve been able to find lists six bottles for almost $40 (that’s triple the price, if you’re counting).

I can’t get behind the other “green juices” either. Have you seen the sugar content of some of these drinks? If I’m going to pour that much sugar down my throat I’m going to drink a soda (which actually has less sugar). When I finally tried another brand that wasn’t the nutritional equivalent of a candy bar, it tasted like baby food (well, what I imagine baby food to taste like).

I don’t know what they put in this stuff to make it so irresistible, but there’s just something so incredibly quenching about them. They’re not loaded with sugar, nor are they overly savory or earthy. And they taste good any time of day, including the middle of the night when you wake up parched from too much bourbon (not that this has happened to me).

My favorite juice, the one I hide in the back of the fridge so my husband won’t drink it, is Elevate. The combination of cucumber, spinach, watercress, lime, pear, and vanilla is pure bliss.

Have you tried Daily Greens before? Do you love their juices as much as I do?