I Tried This TikTok Hack for Cutting Hard-Boiled Eggs and I Was Shocked by the Results

published Dec 1, 2022
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Hard Boiled Eggs TikTok Hack
Credit: Meleyna Nomura

I’ve never had a second thought about how I cut hard-boiled eggs. I’ll either use one of those old-school wire egg slicers or a chef’s knife to cut them in half if I’m making deviled eggs. When I saw this clever way to cleanly cut them in half to easily remove the yolk from TikTok user @andrealanev, I definitely had a “how have I never thought to do this before?” moment. And with over 3 million likes, I’m not the only one who’s in agreement.

The Hard-Boiled Eggs Cutting Hack

It’s a pretty simple trick. Take your peeled, boiled egg and place it on your cutting board. Place your chef’s knife towards the bolster on the egg, and gently pull the knife back. The egg will roll along the knife, cutting it through the white while leaving the yolk intact. The two halves fall apart, and the yolk pops out on its own. 

I was super excited to try this out. I absolutely adore deviled eggs, and this seemed like a perfect trick to streamline party prep during the busy entertaining season. I boiled some eggs in my Instant Pot, peeled them, and got to work. I cut half of the eggs in half like I normally would have, and the other half like the video to see how they compared side-by-side.

Credit: Meleyna Nomura

My Honest Review of This Egg Cutting Tip

The video makes it look totally effortless — the easy rolling of the knife, the halves falling apart to reveal a pristine yolk. I had a little bit of a trickier time with it, but overall still recommend this concept.

When I tried to roll the knife, the eggs didn’t halve very evenly. It was hard to tell where I started cutting and where I needed to end in order to halve it evenly. They ended up sort of ragged looking. No big deal for egg salad, but not ideal for deviled eggs. My eggs also weren’t perfectly round like the ones in the video, which I think contributed to them not rolling very easily or evenly. This was also the first time I’ve done this — I think with more practice, especially over the years, I’d get going on more of a “roll” and it’d be easier. 

Credit: Meleyna Nomura

But despite that little bit of trouble, the yolk did pop out really nicely without gumming up the knife, which is a problem that I was running into when cutting them as usual. I switched up my method a bit, holding the eggs in my hand and cutting around the yolk with a paring knife — very similar to how I would cut an avocado in half. As a result, I ended up with two even halves, and just popped the yolk out into my bowl, much like this TikTok avocado pitting trick.

It may take a little trial and error, but I think it’s worth giving it a shot — especially if making deviled eggs for a crowd.