Cute Party Treat: Carrot Cookies in Oreo Dirt

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve all seen dirt cakes and their kin — Oreo cookies crushed up look so much like black, rich soil. The creative possibilities for gardening-minded cooks are really endless. Amy at Our Dish took this idea one step further, and created little carrot cookies you pull up out of Oreo “dirt.” How cute!

This looks like a lot of work, and I honestly don’t know if I’d ever go to all the trouble. But I really admire the creativity; this is such a fun little treat, especially for a kids’ party. Amy created the carrots out of sugar cookie dough, colored orange. She made green tops out of toothpicks and ribbon, and plopped each carrot cookie into a little cup of “dirt.”

It’s a garden on the dessert table! Couldn’t you see little pink radish cookies and yellow beets alongside the carrots?

Get the recipe: Carrots in Dirt at Our Dish

(Images: Amy of Our Dish)