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This $25 Accessory Gets More Compliments than Anything Else in My Kitchen

published Nov 22, 2021
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Years ago, when I moved into a converted warehouse loft apartment, I bought a set of feather-shaped metal wall hooks from a home goods store. I used them in my bedroom (it was my attempt at minimalist-cool decor.) But when I moved into a house, I couldn’t find a place for them; there were already plenty of clothing racks and hooks. After a few weeks of contemplating, I decided to place them around my kitchen, figuring I’d find uses with time. Boy, was I right. Not only do I use these hooks more than any other storage spot, but I also get complimented on them all the time.

My set, all those years ago, came with four; the similar set I found available now comes with three. How should you use yours? I have some ideas!

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

I placed one hook directly next to the window over my kitchen sink. That one definitely gets the most regular use. Sometimes I use it to hang dish towels and washcloths, but it usually acts as a home for metal colanders and strainers as they drip-dry. I’ve also hung small wreaths and holiday decorations from it for a bit of Christmas cheer. 

The second hook is affixed to the wall next to my stove, where it holds potholders and oven mitts. I used to keep those items in a drawer on the other side of the kitchen, which never actually made any sense. Now that my tools are close at hand, I’m always ready to check the roast chicken or rotate the cookie racks safely. It’s also a handy place for my apron.

Credit: Rochelle Bilow

The third is a handy spot for hanging plastic cutting boards, but it’s also been known to act as a catch-all for my reusable grocery bags and canvas totes.

My fourth hook hangs near the door to my garage, where it keeps my keys and face mask. Although those things aren’t cooking tools, my kitchen is the first room I enter and the last one I leave when coming and going, so this placement is super useful. Besides, if my keys are not immediately corralled in their proper space, they have a way of mysteriously floating about.

Although I never intended to feature these hooks in my kitchen, they’re the most-noticed item I own. Just about everyone who comes for a meal comments on them, which goes to show that the details really do matter. I doubt that they’d catch anyone’s eye if they were utilitarian in design. 

I love that they’re whimsical, but not overly feminine. Best of all, they’ll mesh seamlessly with just about any decor or color scheme. My 1990s kitchen definitely won’t win any design awards, but having these unique hooks makes me feel like I could give Joanna Gaines a run for her money. In fact, I love them so much, I’m considering buying a second set. Hey — who knows which room they’ll end up in next?