Cute Carrots: 6 Charming Carrot-Inspired Appetizers & Snacks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Food doesn’t need to be cute to be good, but every now and then we get really taken with something extra cute. I’ve been seeing a lot of carrot-themed treats and snacks around the web lately (hello, spring!). Here are six favorites — cuteness ahead!

CUTE CARROTS • 1 Carrot Shaped Veggie Pizzas at Hungry Happenings. Crescent roll “pizzas” topped with veggie cream cheese, carrots, and broccoli.

• 2 Carrot Crescents Filled with Egg Salad also at Hungry Happenings. No real carrots involved, but these are awfully cute.

• 3 Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball at Kailo Chic. A cheese ball shaped like a carrot. The parsley “leaves” are kind of genius.

• 4 Carrot Patches at FamilyFun. Carrots “planted” in hummus. Very cute, and healthy too.

• 5 Carrot Eggs at Live Laugh Rowe. These are a cute and easy way to dress up your Easter eggs.

• 6 Cheetos Easter Carrots at Adventures in Crafting. OK, these have absolutely nothing to do with real carrots, and you may have sworn off Cheetos years ago, but hey — they’re pretty good. Might as well put that bright orange cheese to good use!

Are you planning any fun spring treats or snacks for Easter? Anything carrot-esque?