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Make These Curry Lime Chicken Skewers for Dinner This Week

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Chicken skewers feel like a special weekend treat, but if you have a grill ready to go or even just a grill pan in your kitchen, they’re as quick and easy as any weeknight chicken dinner. Marinate the chicken in curry spices and lime juice, with some Sriracha for heat, and you’ll have tangy, spicy, flavorful chicken that can go from the marinade bowl to the plate in about 30 minutes.

Make the marinade with a simple blend of curry powder, Sriracha, fresh lime juice, oil, and a bit of agave or honey. One of the easiest ways to marinate chicken is to use a large zip-top bag. Put the chopped chicken thighs into the bag, then pour the marinade over the chicken, give the bag a squish to make sure the chicken is fully coated in the sauce, then seal the bag and put it in the refrigerator. If you can, let the chicken marinate overnight. The author says the longer marinating time really helps the chicken absorb the flavor of the curry. If you don’t have time, though, you can cut the marinating time down to four hours. 

If you’re going to use wooden skewers, it’s helpful to soak them in water first, otherwise they can tend to catch fire or blacken on the grill. Spear the chicken pieces and grill them in a single layer on a grill or a grill pan until the chicken is cooked through. If they blacken a bit on the outside, so much the better. 

Curry lime chicken skewers make a fantastic appetizer or hors d’oeuvre, and if you serve them with some rice and a salad or vegetable, they’re an easy and lightning-fast main course that can be ready in about half an hour on a weeknight. If you make a few extra, they’re a great thing to pack for lunch during the week, too. 

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