Cure My Cooking Problem! What Should I Eat for Breakfast Before I Work Out?

Cure My Cooking Problem! What Should I Eat for Breakfast Before I Work Out?

Faith Durand
Mar 27, 2014
(Image credit: The Kitchn)

Do you work out first thing in the morning? If so, maybe you can relate to SEAtoNYC, who goes for a run immediately and doesn't want a heavy breakfast, but still needs to fuel up. Do you have any favorite breakfasts to get energy for a morning workout?

Here's SEAtoNYC:

My main goal is around timing. I run or work out in the morning and do not like doing it on a full stomach—so eating breakfast beforehand is not really an option (must have coffee though!). However, I don't like feeling famished while working out either, as my performance suffers. I usually eat a big snack before bed so I don't wake up hungry, but I'm noticing that it messes with my sleep and I feel groggier in the morning (and hunger doesn't tend to set in until 10 or 11). But without a snack before bed, I'm really hungry in the morning and sometimes wake up during the night due to hunger pangs!

OK, all you hardcore morning runners out there — how do you deal with breakfast? Do you eat anything in the morning? Or a snack at night? How do you manage this?

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