Cure My Cooking Problem! Help Me Make Lunches That Can Last Well in the Fridge

published Mar 13, 2014
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How is Week 2 of your Cooking Cure? How is lunch going? I sense a couple trends: Many of you are Bored With Lunch. Others of you snack your way through the afternoon. And then others, like Bright Lights, dutifully pack a lunch, but work gets in the way, and the nice lunch deteriorates in the fridge. Can you relate? Do you have any suggestions for Bright Lights and lunches that last well for a whole week in the fridge?

Q: I could really use help preparing lunches that can last a day or two in the fridge without getting gross. I often find that I have packed a lunch, but by the time the day gets going, I’m out of the office for four meetings straight, or I’ve been lucky enough to score some food at one of the meetings, so my carefully packed lunch comes home again.

Or the opposite. I count on skipping lunch or eating at a meeting, plans fall through, and I’m left scrounging, either by eating out at a short list of bad options, or warming up some instant oatmeal or miso soup, which are good, but crazy salty. — Bright Lights

Editor: I’m going to straight up call out the lunch recipe I gave you yesterday:

I think that one of the best ways to get your lunch to last is to make components, like grilled chicken, brown rice tossed with soy sauce, and braised kale. If you don’t store them in the same container they won’t get soggy, and each of those things will keep well in the fridge for five days or so.

What other suggestions do you have for Bright Lights?

Can you help Bright Lights cure her cooking problem?

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