Cure My Cooking Problem! Help Me Pack a More Exciting Bento Box.

(Image credit: The Kitchn)
(Image credit: Faith Durand)

As the Cooking Cure draws to a close, let’s talk lunch one more time. As we go forth, lunch boxes in hand, sometimes the barrier to packing a lunch is just the boredom of routine. Reader craftybeaver is dealing with this by learning how to do lunch bento-style — can you help?

craftybeaver says:

I’m taking a twist on this — find new presentation. I am a bored luncher — I pack and eat mine every day, but blah. In the winter I bring soup and bread, in the summer I bring assorted containers of veggies and cheese and crackers. I’ve been packing my toddler’s lunch in a YumBox bento box, and it’s really fun! I don’t go over-the-top cute with it, but I love the variety and presentation of little compartments. So I ordered myself an adult-size bento box to see if I can shake up the look of my lunch and add a little more variety to each meal.

I love this idea for perking up the lunch routine. Any help or advice for craftybeaver as she looks for new presentation for her lunches?

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