Cure My Cooking Problem! I Need Ideas for Cooking Without Dairy, Wheat, Oats & Nuts

Cure My Cooking Problem! I Need Ideas for Cooking Without Dairy, Wheat, Oats & Nuts

Faith Durand
Mar 6, 2014
(Image credit: Emily Han)

We're adding another daily post to our line-up in The Cooking Cure. Every day we'll pluck out either one particularly challenging question from our readers' comments and requests, or a problem that many people seem to be having. We'll put it up for everyone to offer feedback and advice as you all make your way through The Cooking Cure assignments.

First up, a question from one reader who has a lot of allergies to contend with in her household (maybe you can relate?) — these constraints can make finding fresh inspiration tough! Read on for funkytown's question, some suggestions, and to add your own advice!

Q: What I was hoping for was a Cure that would help me learn *how* to be more inspired, perhaps help me think about meals differently. Maybe I'm in more of a rut than others since I have to cook for people with food allergies (including wheat, oats, dairy, and nuts) and have to work around those limitations at every meal.- funkytown, posted in Day 3: Find 5 New Recipes for Breakfast

Editor: It's tough to feel inspired when you're already dealing with a lot of constraints in your daily cooking. I have limited experience in cooking for people with these allergies, so I don't have a lot of advice to offer that you probably haven't heard yet. I will say, though, that I love the reader advice I've seen throughout Breakfast Week, which is to quit thinking of breakfast foods for breakfast. A bowl of brown rice with a little miso soup would be a refreshing change, or smoked salmon over quinoa patties.

Here are a few more recipes that branch out into (perhaps) new ingredients and ideas.

Also, I loved the discussion around Emily's post on her dietary constraints:

Readers, can you help funkytown cure her cooking challenge?

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