Cure My Cooking Problem! Help Me Learn How to Cook Satisfying Meals for One

published Mar 7, 2014
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We got an email to our cooking cure (at) inbox from Sophie, who is working with the challenge of cooking just for herself.

Is this part of your own Cooking Cure challenge? I thought this question deserved its own space for ideas and suggestions. Read on for Sophie’s whole question!

Q: I am a graduate student in Australia who works part-time and lives in a share house. A big issue I face when cooking for myself is how to cut down a recipe so that it works for just one or two serves — sometimes it’s great to make ‘family’ servings that I can freeze for later, but when you’re sharing a normal sized freezer with three other housemates, there’s only so much space you can take up without being greedy. And that super healthy kale salad that started off being delicious for Monday’s lunch? It is looking a lot less appetizing four meals in a row later.

I think part of my problem stems from the fact I learnt to cook with my family — and to them a plentiful spread equates to hospitality. It’s an ethos of if there aren’t leftovers, you obviously haven’t cooked enough! This generosity is wonderful, but it has made it a challenge for me to swing the other way and simply prepare a ‘proper’ meal for me (you know, beyond eggs on toast…).With so few serving sizes on recipes made for one, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to make satisfying meals for one? Looking forward to doing my breakfast shop this afternoon!

Editor: Sophie, I can totally relate! I grew up in a big family of eight kids, and so cooking less than 10 servings and dealing with leftovers were baffling to me for a long time.

I think the readers will have lots of good ideas and tips for fresh ideas for cooking for one, but let me also point you to a massive roundup of some of our best tips and ideas for the solo cook:

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Readers, can you help Sophie cure her cooking problem?

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