Cure My Cooking Problem! Help Me Find Wholesome Staples for Quick Breakfasts

updated Jun 5, 2019
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The Cooking Cure is rolling into Week 2, and we’re moving on to lunch. But we don’t want to just leave breakfast behind, since your assignment over the weekend was to plan and strategize all of your breakfasts for this week.

So here is the first Cooking Cure challenge of the week: But what if you don’t want to cook breakfast? What if breakfast needs to be the easy meal in your household? That’s the situation alicelost is in and we can relate.

In the discussion of Day 4’s assignment last week, alicelost said:

I’m in sort of a different place with this cure than I think it intends. Eating breakfast at all is aspirational in this house, so I put a plan in place to have things on hand that don’t have to be “made” (like cereal and yoghurt), and then the recipes I found yesterday are for special occasions. So I’m not going to make a recipe tomorrow, but I did (coincidentally) buy a box of cereal this morning, so I’ll make sure we both get a bowl tomorrow.

We can totally relate to this. Breakfast is usually the “easy” meal around here too. I do sometimes make casseroles ahead of time, but when I have a busy weekend, that can get left to the side.

So I too like to keep things around that make for a healthy breakfast. Most of these are pretty well-covered ground — fruit, yogurt, cereal with a decent amount of fiber and not too much sugar. But I’m curious: what are your other breakfast staples? What else do you keep on hand for wholesome yet easy breakfasts?

Overall, the goal of this Cure is to help YOU identify what you’d like to change about any of your daily meals, and then give you resources to help do that. Sure, we’re wrapping up in Week 4 with a challenge to cook all 21 of your meals for the week, but that is for fun, and if it doesn’t fit in your goals, like alicelost, no problem! Stocking your cupboards for fast, easy, healthy breakfasts is also a great goal and outcome.

Readers, can you help alicelost cure her cooking challenge?

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