Cuppow: The Lid That Turns a Canning Jar Into a Travel Mug

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Canning jars make great spice containers, soup carriers, everyday glasses and even light fixtures. But the one thing they aren’t so good at is carrying hot drinks during a commute; there is no way to leave the top open for drinking without risking spills. Enter the Cuppow, an inexpensive lid adapter that turns a canning jar into a travel mug. See it in action below!

Yes, the video feels a bit like a Portlandia sketch waiting to be written, but that doesn’t make Cuppow any less ingenious.

The Cuppow takes the place of a flat metal lid and is secured by the jar’s screw-on ring. Shaped like the usual disposable coffee lid, it is BPA-free, recyclable and costs much less than a new travel mug. Pair it with a heat-resistant, inexpensive, wide-mouth canning jar — and perhaps a cozy to protect your hands from the hot glass — and you have a smart commuter cup that is sure to be a conversation-starter.

Check it out: Cuppow, $7.99 at

What do you think? Would you use a canning jar as a travel mug?

(Image: Cuppow)