Cupcakegate: Why TSA Won’t Allow Cupcakes in Jars Through Security

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

An answer to a perplexing baked goods question issued forth this week from a very unusual source: The Transportation Security Administration. They have issued an opinion on a pressing question: Is a cupcake in a jar really a cupcake?

In December a passenger was not allowed to bring two of these oversized cupcake-esque treats through security, as the agents on duty felt the icing fell into the “gel” category.

TSA came in for a lot of ridicule after this incident, so Blogger Bob of the official TSA blog offered the photo illustration above, and an explanation:

I wanted to make it clear that this wasn’t your everyday, run-of-the-mill cupcake. … As you can see from the picture, unlike a thin layer of icing that resides on the top of most cupcakes, this cupcake had a thick layer of icing inside a jar.

Not your everyday cupcake — could this cupcake-like confection be a bomb in disguise? According to Blogger Bob, yes:

…the days of the three sticks of dynamite with a giant alarm clock strapped to them are long gone. Terrorists have moved to novel explosives disguised as common, everyday items. … When you think about it, do you think an explosive would be concealed in an ominous item that would draw attention, or something as simple as a cute cupcake jar?

The lesson here, folks, is that regular cupcakes (real ones) are generally allowed through security. Cupcakes in jars? Not so much. If that doesn’t push them into their own category of confectionary overkill, I don’t know what does.

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(Image: TSA)