Cupboard Challenge: Lentils!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One more Cupboard Challenge – and then I’m going to open it up to all of you. If you have anything in your cupboard that you’re puzzling over or a combination of ingredients that you’d like to throw out to the crowd, email a picture and we’ll lay down your challenge!

For today, here’s a slightly different challenge. I have a lot of lentils in my cupboard – two big bags. One is of mixed lentils and the other is urad dal, often used for South Indian dosai. I love lentils, but I don’t cook them every week, and I wanted to ask for your favorite ways to eat them.

Lentils are so good for you – full of fiber – and delicious too. Do you cook them much? Do you have any warm winter recipes to use them in? If you had two big bags to work through, what would you do?