This Game-Changing Cutting Board Makes Meal Prep Way Less Messy

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williams sonoma Cup Board Pro Synthetic Cutting Board
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Of all the tools that TV chefs possess, the one I’m most jealous of are their cutting boards. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these celebrities lose an ingredient when they’re transferring stuff from board to pot — and I would love to be able to slide food off my cutting board as cleanly and effortlessly as the pros do. However, I can’t seem to move ingredients without losing at least a few of them, and I don’t know what I’m really doing wrong.

Sometimes, I let my cutting board hang over the edge of my counter and hold a bowl under it to catch stuff, but even this method isn’t foolproof, and it’s definitely not convenient. For a while, I’ve felt like my cutting board could be doing more to help me, so I was excited to find one that does. The Cup Board Pro has a detachable tray that hangs over your counter and catches everything you’re slicing and dicing. It lines up flush with the board so you can scrape food into it easily, then remove the tray and your ingredients are ready to use. Truly a dream come true.

I like that the entire design of this cutting board system is straightforward, without unnecessary gimmicks. You can use the cutting board on its own — at 11 by 16 inches, it’s big enough to handle a large amount of food — and rubberized feet hold it securely in place (while giving you the option to cut on both sides). The catch tray attaches to the front of the board by sliding into a slot cut in the side, and because the tray is expandable, you can fold it down flat for space-saving storage.

If you ever carve up cuts of steak or chicken, you’ll also appreciate these two small but impactful designs: First, one side of the board has shallow grooves that catch running liquid and divert it into the catch tray. Then, built-in spouts on both corners of the tray let you pour any liquid into your sink or back into the pan to become a delicious sauce. I’ve never seen another cutting board that is so proactive about preventing messes!

When you’re done, both the board and tray are dishwasher-safe, so that makes cleaning easy. This high-density plastic model costs $30 less than the more expensive wood and slate models and works exactly the same, so it’s a great deal on a kitchen tool that can save you time (and frustration) every single day.

Like some of our other favorite kitchen game-changers, the Cup Board Pro got its start on the TV show “Shark Tank.” I think it’s fitting that I would find the secret to a broadcast-quality cooking technique on television, and I’m glad I finally have something to help me be more precise when I’m preparing dinner. Try one for yourself to make cutting ingredients quicker, easier, and (virtually) mess-free.