Culture and Cookies: Tim Tams and the Tim Tam Slam

Culture and Cookies: Tim Tams and the Tim Tam Slam

Faith Durand
Feb 2, 2009

We don't usually review packaged snack products and sweets, but here's one exception we had to make. Tim Tam cookies are now available in the United States, and this is really more of a cultural event than a snack product release. Tim Tam cookies... errr... biscuits are by far the most popular cookie in Australia and New Zealand, and they've even spawned their own teatime tradition: the Tim Tam Slam.

According to Wikipedia, the average Australian eats nearly two boxes of these every year. They're completely synonymous with Australian snacking, and Aussie expats often bemoan their beloved Tim Tams and beg family and friends to send them a sleeve or two to curb their cravings.

What makes this cookie so great? Well, it's pretty delicious. It's full of sugar, fat, and calories... and it's pretty delicious. It's two graham cracker-like biscuits with a soft chocolate filling, wrapped in a hard chocolate coating. It tastes rather like graham crackers with chocolate frosting, in fact -- and we all know how delicious those are! Arnott, the company that invented the Tim Tam and has been making them since 1964, has released lots of other flavors, too, like caramel and mocha.

Pepperidge Farm recently brought this famous cookie to the US. Apparently it's only going to be available for a limited time, so get them while you can. And while you have them, you really should try to master the Tim Tam Slam, a favorite teatime occupation of our friends Down Under.

See, the Tim Tam biscuit has a very soft middle, with two hard biscuits to sandwich it. If you bite off the ends (or the corners... there's debate about this) you can use it as a straw to suck up a mouthful of tea or milk. Then the nicely soggy cookie is eaten in one bite. Here's a very enthusiastic Australian youth with very detailed instructions on how to do this:

So, welcome these new-to-us cookies; they're a rather good cultural exchange, we think!

I Love Tim Tam Cookies at Pepperidge Farm.

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(Images: Faith Durand)

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