Culinary Blank Slate: The Bagel

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been daydreaming about bagels ever since our discussion of chewy versus soft last week. A good bagel is really a blank slate for so many delicious toppings. What’s your favorite?

Our litmus test for any new bagel we come across is always simple cream cheese, plain and with no add-ins. We like a relatively thin layer – enough so that you get a good creaminess in every bite, but not so much that the bagel gets lost. Because, for us, the bagel is really the whole point.

We’ll also never turn down a bagel with lox. The cool, tender salmon on top of a still-warm bagel is just so heavenly.

Leftover bagels also provide their own host of possibilities. We love making them into sandwiches, especially of the breakfast variety. We also never outgrew the charm of little bagel pizzas cooked in the toaster oven. And we happen to believe that a toasted bagel with sweet butter and a little jam makes one of the best afternoon snacks around.

But this is really only just the beginning! What do you like to put on your bagel?

(Image: Flickr member stevendepolo licensed under Creative Commons)