This Innovative $20 Tool Has a Special Feature That Makes Cleaning Your Grill So Much Easier

published Aug 1, 2023
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Open grill, heating up
Credit: Joe Lingeman

Grilling is one of the many perks of the summertime, and the number of amazing dishes that can come out of it makes braving the heat a little less painful. (You really can’t beat burgers straight off the grill.) Once the sun goes down, it really isn’t quite that bad anyway, and even though there are a number of impressive indoor grilling tools that’ll give you a similar effect, taking your cooking to the patio will keep your kitchen from feeling like a sauna. Plus, the vibes are just way better outside, right?

Even though there are a number of bonuses that come from grilling, there is one aspect that’s not quite as fun: The cleanup. Especially during the warmer months, the grates can get messy fast, and scraping off the grime can be a total chore — especially if you don’t have the right tools. However, with this handy device from QVC, your cleaning time will be cut down tremendously and your grill will be spotless afterward. Read on for why the Cuisinart Steam Cleaner Grill Brush is a must-have for any grill owner.

What is the Cuisinart Steam Cleaner Grill Brush?

This isn’t your average grill brush. On top of having strong bristles and a stainless-steel scraper, steam comes out of the brush to eliminate the buildup of grease and food, so you won’t have to devote nearly as much time and effort to cleaning up your grill when mealtime’s over. 

All you have to do is open the top of the handle and fill it with water. You can even add soap to the mixture if you want an even deeper clean. Several reviewers noted that the process was extremely simple, and that it’s also easy to handle and comfortable to grip. Essentially, it’ll be a one-and-done cleanup, since you won’t have to go over it several times. And, when you want to clean the brush itself, it’s dishwasher-safe! It’s not too bulky, either, which is ideal for when you want to store it away. (Pro tip: A reviewer said they used it on their oven, too, so you can definitely find more than one use for this ingenious tool.)

Credit: QVC

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.8/5

“I really found this brush very easy to use. From filling it up with water to scrubbing my grill. The steam helped loosen all the burnt food and build up. Easy to handle as well. Very well made product. My grill has never been cleaner.” – Sophie

“This grill cleaner works awesome. I love the feature of adding soap water which help clean better. The bristles are short and strong.” – E2theC76

“I never have to worry about going over the same spot multiple times and it makes the maintenance of our barbecue pit quite easy.” – Corey

Grilling is a major perk of the summer, so don’t let the cleanup stop you from enjoying it. Once you get your hands on this workhorse of a product, you’ll be able to get a deep clean that no other product can likely match.