These Air Fryer Liners Are a Huge Time-Saver — And They’re Only $12

published Apr 24, 2023
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tater tots in base of air fryer
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Anna Stockwell

My husband and I got our air fryer about eight years ago and use it at least twice a week, sometimes more. We typically use it for french fries to go with our burgers on Monday nights, as well as crispy chicken strips for salads and in quesadillas, and hors d’oeuvres like fried mozzarella cheese sticks. Once, we even attempted air-fried hot dogs — they were not bad! Okay, so I guess we use our air fryer very often.

The only hard part of air frying is the cleanup. After a fun dinner party or noshing on some delicious crispy snacks, the last thing I want to do is scrub away at caked-on food bits. Thanks to my mom, I already know about slow cooker liners and love the fact that they practically eliminate cleanup time. But one afternoon about a month ago, my husband wandered into the kitchen where I was working. He’d just listened to a podcast that mentioned air fryer liners and asked if I knew they existed. I did not, so I was instantly intrigued, especially given my success with the slow cooker liners. After some research, I found one on Amazon that was not only affordable, but they also fit a long checklist of things I was looking for.

Credit: Kate Oczypok

What’s So Great About The Ctizne Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners?

The Ctizne Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners are exactly what they sound like — disposable liners for your air fryer, not unlike paper coffee filters or cupcake liners. They’re heat-proof up to 428°F, which gives me peace of mind when heating up foods that require a high temperature. The liners are made with raw wood paper and food-grade silicone oil coating, are unbleached, BPA-free, PFAs-free, and have no fluorescent agent. Best of all, they’re super affordable, starting at around $12 for a pack of 100 liners. They come in three different sizes (6.3”, 8” and 9”) and the prices increase depending on the size of your air fryer basket, so double check measurements before purchasing.

Credit: Kate Oczypok

I use the liners most often for sweet potato waffle fries to go with our Monday burgers. After I heard the satisfying “ding” from our air fryer signaling that the fries were done, I pulled out the basket to reveal perfectly crisp fries with no soggy or limp middles. The liner had kept all the fries from falling through the basket holes and collected a lot of the grease from the fries, preventing them from getting soggy or overly burnt. I took one bite and smiled when I heard the pleasing crunch. After removing the liner, I was happy to see the fryer basket was spotless. After a quick rinse, our air fryer was clean and ready for our next meal — as in, the next night. 

When making chicken strips to top salads and quesadillas, the liners were just as easy to use — the chicken came out perfectly fried, the grease collected neatly at the bottom of the liner, and once again, there was minimal cleanup.

Really, the best part about the liners is the easy cleanup, which is super helpful on busy weeknights. And given how often we use the air fryer at home, that’s a lot less time dedicated to cleaning — and more time dedicated to cooking up air fryer meals