Crystal Pepsi Returns to Grocery Stores Today

(Image credit: Courtesy of PepsiCo)

All your 90s dreams are coming true today, as Crystal Pepsi finally hits stores in the United States. The color-free, caffeine-free soda was first introduced in 1992, but was discontinued after only a year in stores. Over 38,000 people recently signed a petition to bring back the drink, and Pepsi heard the consumer cries.

Crystal Pepsi was reintroduced in Canada on July 11th, and apparently the reception has been remarkable.

In case you need a reminder, here’s a commercial that ran 23 years ago to get people excited for Crystal Pepsi. It’s funny that the commercial tries to sell you on the healthy aspects of this beverage — noting the fact that the drink is clear and caffeine-free. While it’s hard to sell soda as a health drink in 2016, nostalgia sure seems to be an easy way to help sales .

For a limited time starting today in the United States, you can get your hands on a 20 oz. bottle for just $1.79. You can find the drink at major retailers.