Crunchy, Tangy, Sweet: 10 Favorite Add-Ins to Yogurt

updated May 2, 2019
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I’ve been eating yogurt every day for breakfast for, oh, five years now? Yes, that would certainly get boring after a while – if it was exactly the same day after day! What starts off as a plain bowl of yogurt changes daily as I add in fruit, drizzle on sweetener, or sprinkle something crunchy on top. Here are my favorites!

Personally, I love plain, nonfat, unsweetened yogurt. It’s tangy and smooth, and works as a foil for just about anything I feel like putting on top. I go through about one tub every week, scooping out about a half a cup of it every morning.

Just as with salads, I try to have a variety of toppings on-hand so I can mix and match every morning and not get bored. Also like salads, I keep it simple with just a few ingredients each day.

1. Fruit – A crisp apple cut into small chunks or a single banana is my standard, but I like to change it up when fruit is in season at the farmer’s market.

2. Granola – Classic with yogurt and with good reason! Granola adds crunch and texture to yogurt. I’ve been obsessed with this Olive Oil Granola lately.

3. Cereal – When I’m out of granola, I’ll steal some of my husband’s cereal. (Cheerios are my favorite!)

4. Graham Crackers – Crumbled on top, this is another crunchy add-in.

5. Toasted Nuts and Seeds – I keep a container of toasted mixed nuts in my fridge for both my breakfasts and my salads. Seeds like flax and sunflower seeds are great, too.

6. Honey – My sweetener of choice. I treat myself with good local honey. The flavor is so good that a little goes a long way!

7. Maple Syrup – Less sweet than honey and a good pairing with granola or toasted nuts.

8. Jam – Different flavors of jam add great variety, especially in the winter when the fresh fruit isn’t as good.

9. Peanut Butter – This never mixes in completely, and I love getting a little of it in my spoonful every few bites!

10. Cinnamon – A little sprinkle over the top of everything adds a nice spicy-sweet note to every bite.

What do you put in your yogurt?


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