Crunchy Cups: Making Ice Cream Cones at Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You know, it never really occurred to us until just now that we could potentially make our own ice cream cones. What a crazy idea, right?

Ice cream cones just seem like the kind of thing you naturally buy at a grocery store, like hamburger buns and graham crackers. But of course all of these things were made by hand in some one’s kitchen at some point!

Most ice cream cones start out as some variation of the tuile. That is to say, a very thin cookie that gets rolled into a cone shape while it’s still soft and warm from the oven. As it cools, the cone sets in its shape and can be used as a vessel for ice cream goodness.

One of the very first ice cream cones was made from Italian pizzelles. These are thin, waffle-like cookies that are made on a special griddle press.

Here are a few recipes from around the web that look very do-able at home:

Basic Sugar Cones from The Kitchn – These are made much like crepes and then rolled into cone form.

Vanilla and Chocolate Tuiles from Cannelle et Vanille – These tuiles look so dainty and delicate!

Vanilla Waffle Cones from Martha Stewart – These are thinner and crunchier than your Saturday morning waffles, and also call for a pizzelle maker.

Waffle Cones from the Food Network – This recipe uses a regular waffle maker to make a larger, sturdier cone.

Check back in with us later today, too! We have a waffle cone tutorial planned that will help you through the steps.

Have you ever made ice cream cones at home?

(Image: Flickr member seelensturm licensed under Creative Commons)