Be Holiday Potluck Ready with 4 Ingredients

published Nov 5, 2018
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(Image credit: Ryan Dausch)

Are you ready to be invited to a dozen different holiday potlucks? Neither are we. The good thing about them, though, is that no one will know if you master one easy, crowd-pleasing dish and take it to every party. This year, assembling is the new cooking.

When there’s no time for (or, um, interest in) churning out an elaborate recipe, rely on a bite-sized appetizer that’s quick to pull together and looks so good guests will gravitate toward it.

(Image credit: Ryan Dausch)

The hero of your assembly line? Crunchmaster® crackers. These satisfying, gluten-free snacks are seriously delicious — and they make a heckuva base for a fancy amuse-bouche. Made from natural ingredients like rice, quinoa, and millet, they’re the perfect canvas for a better-for-you buffet-table treat like this sweet-savory snack. Here’s how to make it.

Place a slice of Brie on a Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Sea Salt Cracker. Top it with a dollop of store-bought cranberry chutney, a drizzle of store-bought balsamic glaze, and 1 to 2 rosemary leaves.

(Image credit: Ryan Dausch)

Bonus: This highly edible app travels very well. Just prep everything at home and assemble it on-site. Alternately, when paired with a Hallmark Channel holiday movie marathon, it makes for a totally legit couch-side pajama party.

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