I Eat Cereal Most Mornings, and This Handy Amazon Find Lets Me Take It On the Go Without Getting Soggy

published Sep 20, 2023
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I am not a person who skips breakfast often, and when I’m short on time, cereal is usually my go-to meal. It’s quick to eat, hard to mess up, and even makes for a satisfying snack when there’s nothing else in the pantry. Whether it’s dry, bar-shaped, chocolate-covered, or baked into a cookie or cake, cereal is rarely a bad choice in my book — even when I travel, I often have a small container of cereal on hand.

A few years ago, I was gifted the perfect item for cereal lovers, especially if your preferred method of eating it is with milk. The CrunchCup is an innovative, two-in-one cup that stores cereal and milk together without turning it into a soggy mess. That means you can enjoy a bowl of cereal wherever you go without compromising its consistency. As someone who’s often running errands or visiting family, the CrunchCup has been a total game-changing product for my on-the-go snacking.

What Is the CrunchCup?

Available in three colors, the CrunchCup is essentially a portable cereal bowl without the spoon. It’s split into two compartments: The larger cup is for milk and there’s a smaller chamber for dry cereal that sits inside of it. The two remain separated until you take a drink and get both cereal and milk all in one go. Watching anyone use the CrunchCup would lead you to believe that the cup is full of milk, but it’s not as much as you might think. Once the cereal holder is added into the cup after the milk, it pushes the liquid up to make the cup look more full.

The CrunchCup has an open lid design, so it can never be closed or sealed. That also means it can’t simply be tossed into a bag when there’s food or drink inside without the risk of spilling it. However, how often do you put cereal and milk on hold? Since it has to be held when you’re on the go, the CrunchCup was designed to conveniently be used in one hand. The flow of milk can be controlled with a simple press of your finger over the lid’s air hole, and will maintain freshness as long as it’s consumed within an hour and a half. The cup separates into four dishwasher-safe pieces that are BPA-free and highly durable.

Credit: Britt Franklin

Why I Love the CrunchCup

I’m a multitasker by nature, so the convenience of the CrunchCup is one its biggest benefits to me. I’ve let cereal sit a little too long in a bowl of milk before (yuck!), and I love that the CrunchCup keeps the wet and dry ingredients separated until I’m ready to consume them. There’s never a bite of soggy cereal with this cup, and I’m forever grateful. Despite all of its parts, the CrunchCup is super easy to take apart and clean; and it never feels like a hassle to use. Sometimes I don’t even put milk in it and will just “drink” the dry cereal.

There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to the CrunchCup. It’s straightforward and serves a very specific purpose that just so happens to fit into my world. Plus, the cups are colorful and stylish, which are two more features I love. Last but not least, the CrunchCup simply makes an excellent gift for a commuter or anyone who loves cereal and milk, regardless of the flavor.

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