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I Love This $6 Condiment So Much, I Started Buying a Few Jars at a Time

published Mar 25, 2022
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I’d say I have a condiment problem (because I do have oh-so many), but I actually use them all — so it’s more like I have condiment opportunities! And there’s one jar that I’ve been reaching for on repeat lately. It’s sweet yet tart, it goes incredibly well with cheese (of all types and in many forms), and it’s a great complement to cooked proteins and spicy dishes. Say hello to Major Grey’s Chutney.

Credit: Taylor Kocher

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Major Grey’s Chutney is a milder style of chutney that’s said to have been created by a British army officer in the 1800s. The chutney has a jam-like consistency and is filled with sweet, juicy mangoes and tart, chewy bits of tamarind.

My absolute favorite way to use it is in grilled cheese. I got the idea to use it that way from this chutney grilled cheese recipe from Masala and Chai; the writer suggests using mango chutney. I’m someone who seeks out sweet and savory mash-ups, and I had high hopes for this one in particular. And let me tell you, the recipe delivers! The sweet and tart chutney meets the savoriness of the melty mozzarella to make for the most satisfying bite. It’s such a great contrast of flavors.

While I’m on the topic of cheese: I’ve been adding little bowls of the chutney to cheese boards. The chutney itself is very sweet, but the tart tamarind makes it an ideal topping for softer, melty cheeses like Brie, or even alongside harder cheeses like aged cheddars. I’ll even top my pizza with some, if there’s any left over.

The chutney also works wonders to mellow out the bite of chiles in curries and spicy chicken kebabs, as I’ve come to discover. You know, because I can’t only have meals made of cheese …

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