The Drama in This Slow Cooker Facebook Group Is Set to HIGH

published Oct 27, 2020
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Slow cooking brewed hot tempers this week in a Facebook cooking group, leading The Cut to report on it as “the best drama on the internet.” Everybody loves a niche interest group fight — one of the best corners of the internet is Reddit’s “hobbydrama” forum, where everyone shares their subculture’s tiny tussles — the tangles in the knitting community, the tea from the tea nerds, the steamy scenes from the cooking groups. But this week, writer Sarah Hollowell turned everyone on Twitter to the simmering and seething from a Facebook group called Crock Pot Heaven.

The screenshot she put up, from an admin post in the group, absolutely throttles the people who feel they are “crockpot masters” and thus “elevated beyond helping new crockstars.” The admin invites those people to see themselves out of the group. “In this twisted, rude, mean and uncaring world we live in, the one thing we can all agree on is good food,” it continues, telling the rude people to go to their mother’s house to say whatever they planned to post. “If she whoops your ass, you probably shouldn’t type it.” All in all, she says, “I’m done with the people who make rude comments about foods people eat that others don’t.”

It’s an absolutely 100% correct thread reaming people for shaming others, and as the Twitter poster pointed out, mostly surprising because it’s not what one expects in a Crock-Pot Facebook group. The admin who wrote it, Amberly Graves, explained in another post yesterday that it was long-simmering feelings of negativity in the group that inspired it, brought to a head by responses to a few specific threads. One user asked what to make for her picky eater husband and the responses suggested she get a new husband, a former foster child cooking for herself for the first time was asked if she was really that dumb, and some in the group mocked members with autism who can’t handles certain textures or smells.

All in all, the usual internet cesspool stuff, but the admin says in The Cut’s piece about it that the group was overwhelmingly supportive and those at whom her ire was directed seem to have taken the hint. Perhaps there are kind corners of the internet after all. As long as you don’t yuck anyone else’s yum.