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Crispy, Crunchy, Cheesy: Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe Reviews

updated Jun 5, 2019
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When we first saw this recipe, we thought, “Impossible.” No way a cracker made with just a handful of ingredients in about three minutes using a food processor could possibly rival a certain

fish-shaped one

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I’ll spare you the anticipation: these crackers are good. Way good. So good that they were gone about 10 minutes after I set them out for an appetizer at a recent dinner party. So good that no one believed they were handmade and I had to pull up the recipe to prove it.

I’ve never used our food processor to make a dough before, and it seemed unlikely that a few tablespoons of water would transform the crumbly mixture of cheese and flour into an actual dough. But it came together like magic. One second, crumbs – the next second, dough!

I know from experience that a well-chilled dough will puff better in the oven, so I let the this one chill for a good two hours before rolling out the dough. You could definitely make the dough the day before, if you wanted.

The dough was very easy to roll out. It didn’t crack or feel too sticky. I used a bench scraper to first section the dough into strips and then cut each strip into small triangles. A rolling pizza cutter would also have worked well.

Into the oven the crackers went and I waited with eager anticipation. In about 17 minutes, the tops were puffed and shiny, the edges were starting to darken, and the bottoms (when I flipped a few over) were a golden brown. I called it good and took them out to cool.

It was so hard to resist eating them all right then. They really did taste like goldfish crackers – rich and cheesy, but not at all greasy, and perfectly wonderfully amazingly crunchy. So good.

The only slight snafu is that the crackers didn’t stay this crunchy. I packed them away in an air-tight container for the dinner party, but by the next evening, they had lost a lot of their crispness. They were still flaky and airy, definitely still delicious, but much softer. My guests insisted they liked them just they way were, but I wished they had been able to try them straight from the oven.

This recipe is definitely a keeper, though. We’re excited to experiment with other cheeses and additional spices. And if you’ve been looking for a homemade cheese cracker for your kids, give this one a shot!

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