Why You Should Always Keep an Old Gift Card in Your Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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When it comes to small kitchen helpers, one of the best tools you can get is sold at nearly every single store. I’m talking about gift cards. The next time you have a newly empty gift card, consider taking it from your wallet and moving it directly to a kitchen drawer.

Here’s why you need a gift card or two in your kitchen.

1. They’re free and readily available.

Old gift cards beat out bench scrapers and plastic scrapers when it comes to cleaning. Mostly because they’re free (thanks, Aunt Fran!) — whereas a basic scraper can cost you around $5! You also probably already have one from your most recent birthday. (Happy birthday, by the way.)

2. They’re good counter sweepers.

Each night, when I’m almost done cleaning up from dinner, I use a gift card to sweep up errant crumbs along the countertop and use it to push everything into the pull-out trash can below. It’s an easy way to get every last bit and I love that I don’t have to use my dish sponge, dirty a rag, or waste a paper towel.

3. They can get into all those small crevices.

Until I can be fortunate enough to have an undermount kitchen sink (one that’s basically seamless and sits under the countertop) I will need a credit card to dig out the crumbs and grime that collects where my stainless steel sink meets the counter. I also use a gift card to clean up our breakfast table, which has these tiny grooves between the boards that always harbor leftover morsels.

4. They’re easy to clean and store.

When I’m done scraping or digging with my gift card, I just rinse it off under the sink with some dish soap and set it on the rack to dry. And when it gets put away, it’s thin enough to just sit against the front wall of the junk drawer, which means I can always find it when I need it.

5. Reusing them is better than throwing them away.

I try to create as little trash as possible. If I don’t have to throw something away, then I’m happy not to!

Do you have any other smart uses for old gift cards?